Filcom ’77. Video interview to “Mommy” Lilia Flores, founder and honorary member of the community.

Naples, July 20. The collaboration between NapoliTime and Filcom ’77, we want to point out , is to improve methods of communication among the many Filipinos in Campania and has the further purpose to make known what is the Filipino culture.

We met the founder and honorary member of the Filipino Community in Naples, Lilia Flores. She’s now 81 years old and continues to work hard for all her “Kabayan” from 1977, when there were still a few Filipinos in Italy. She tells us how it all began with meetings aimed at an organization of the association and then went on to unite the whole community present in Naples under the name Filipino Community of Naples 1977 (editor’s note, also known as Filcom ’77), with the first president Yolly Cabaroc .

This association served and still serves, as a reference point for the newcomers, and provides efficient services to those who are in Italy. One of the most important is the handling of paperwork such as, passport renewal, requests for double citizenships but they also offer as intermediaries when there are disagreements or difficulties between Filipinos. A function not indifferent to the Filipino Community considering the distance of the two Philippine Embassies, one in Rome and the other in Milan.


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