Filcom and NapoliTime. Melujean Galapon, President of the Filipino Community in Naples chose our newspaper for the communication 2.0.

NapoliTime in collaboration with the Filipino Community of Naples (editor note, Filcom founded in 1977) is developing a communication project that will allow all Filipinos to remain in constant update on events or issues in the community and also to encourage initiatives that will consent a better integration here in Naples and in Italy.

Sunday, July 15 we have reached the President of the Community Melujean Galapon and the ‘Advertiser and president of FILCOMFEDSI (editor note, Community Federation of the Philippines Southern Italy) Jose Yoro. It’s ‘the President Galapon to emphasize the importance of this collaborationcreated, that gives them “the opportunity to inform and make known to their connationalsthe community projects, through a modern communication tool: the WebTV ” .

After the last meeting, NapoliTime committed itself to disseminate the articles printed in English and Italian at assembly points of the Filipino community.
Economic crisis, racism, services, knowledge of the country, completed projects and even future, these issues have simply been mentioned but we we will treat them one by one and detail by detail .
We will start knowing how and why this association was born and we will bring at the attention of the Italians and not, the beauty of their land: the Philippines.

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