Filcom ’77 The importance of a venue.

Naples, July 31. NapoliTime reached, Jose Yoro, President of FILCOMFEDSI (Editor Note  Federation of Philippine Community of Southern Italy) and also an active member of the Filipino community of Naples. He has exposed us a real problem that has lasted for nine years, the lack of a venue for social activities.

The official buildings, have always been a problem for associations or as in this case by the foreign communities. Jose Yoro explains us,that they already had a head office and it was the church of Santa Maria La Nova in Naples. Unfortunately in 2003, for reasons of practicability, the church was closed to the public and consequently they found themselves without a venue. Despite everything, the Filipino community continues its work with perseverance and dedication and is always looking for a place to stay.

We ask, therefore, to convey this message so that there can be a “buzz” on the Web. They are not looking for some gifts and they are willing to lease a property at a fair price.

Here’s the video message launched by President of the FILCOMFEDSI Josè Yoro:



We are the Filipino Community of Naples 1977. From the founding until 2003 we have no home. In fact, until 2003 our office was in the Church of Santa Maria la Nova, unfortunately after the closure of this we found ourselves without a head office.

Despite not having a registered office we continued to conduct our work by bringing forward events like the party of independence.

We are always looking for a head office, where to do our work, and we hope that, through NapoliTime, someone from the Italian government or the proper authorities, will listen to us and help us find a property to be leased without being hindered by others, as already happened in the past.

We hope that anyone who cares about the Filipinos, help us in finding a venue for all Filipinos here in Naples.

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