The Philippines: a land rich in resources, waiting to be discovered.

The Philippines is a state in Southeast Asia and has about 7107 islands. It is a presidential republic and the official currency is the Philippine Peso.

There are many natural resources that distinguish this state from other, exploited mostly by foreigners who have decided to invest in those areas. A poor country, so you could call it if we wanted to be based it on the cost of living and average monthly salary, of no more than 250.00 euros.

Based on our currency, the euro, we present you a brief summary of possible costs in the Philippines, taking into account that 1.00 Euro is worth about 50.00 pesos.


8 kg of various vegetables 10.00 Euro
Milk 0,80 Euro
Pasta 1,10 Euro
Rice 0.70 Euro

Meat and Fish:

1kg chicken: 2.50 Euro
1kg pork: 3.00 Euro
1kg beef: 4.00 Euro

1kg squid: 3.00 Euro
1kg polyp: 2.30 Euro
1kg prawns: 2.50 Euro
1kg tuna: 1.50 Euro
1kg mullet: 2,50 Euro
1kg crabs: 2.50 Euro

At the restaurant, the prices are still very low, just calculate that at Fastfood costs are about 2.00 Euro per meal at a restaurant mid-level does not exceed 8.00 Euro while the most important restaurants figures around the 18 , 00 and 22.00 euros.

But remains unchanged prices (Editors Note: compared to those in Europe) appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, computers, cell phones.

Cars or scooters have a quality / price ratio very high although car prices, however, is estimated at around 15.000 / 25.000 Euro, for scooters (ndr 125 cc. / 175 cc.) The price is about 1.000 Euro. You can instead save on ‘insurance cars’, which is obbligatory as in Italy, but has a cost of 50.00 Euro per year. Same goes for the petrol, diesel to 0.60 cents, green to 0.80 cents per liter.

The hotels have an average cost ranging from 35.00 to 70.00 euro per night, but if you decide to rent a house the cost would be extremely cheap. An apartment close to the center, consisting of 4 bedrooms, garden, two bathrooms and garage has a monthly fee of 120,00 Euro. Ridiculous are the costs of cable TV, telephone, gas, and electricity for an average family is expected to reach a cost of 50.00 Euro.

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