NapoliTime and Filcom, Filipino community of Naples: the beginning of an important collaboration.

Naples, June 17, 2012. At the Archbishopric of Naples, there was the celebration of 114th anniversary of the “Philippine independence”. Organized and attended by members of Filcom, Filipino Community of Naples, with President Melujean Galapon supported by an active community member, Jose Yoro, and as a guest of honor the Vice Consul of the’ Philippine Embassy in Rome, Jarie Osias.

The Filipino Community of Naples is well rooted in the Naples area and the association, according to Jose Yoro, has over 300 members in Naples , and many other cultural initiatives that work but are not currently enrolled. After a brief meeting with the President, Melujean Galapon, the Director of NapoliTime and the President have decided to establish a working relationship with the community, with the main goal of communicating the voice of Filipinos and instances of Naples.

Racial discrimination, denied rights, integration of all these problems and other problems connected to them can be found in the Filipino community, as indeed are also found in other communities. NapoliTime, is ready to provide them the necessary support so that we can at least overcome the problems of communication and information.

In a short time we will reserve them a section dedicated, always on our newspaper where the president of the Community, can communicate with all his kabayan. A quick and easy way to expose problems or simply announce an event. All such communications will be preceded by a short article (Editor Note: also printed on paper), in Italian and English, allowing all Filipinos to know the exact subject matter and the date and time to tune into their Web TV.

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